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Eco-friendly cosleeping with babybay®

The healthiest sleep for your newborn

babybay® makes it easy to give your newborn the healthiest sleep environment possible with an all-natural, eco-friendly bedside sleeper. Click now to shop through our new Eco-Bundle.

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Organic Mattress & Sheets

The crib is the place where babies spend the most time, so make sure your newborn is swaddled in natural fabrics with no harsh chemicals. The Eco-Bundle comes with our Organic Comfort Mattress and our Cooling Comfort Jersey 100% Cotton Sheet.

All-Natural Beechwood Bedside Sleeper

You want the best for your newborn. That’s why babybay® offers an all-natural bedside sleeper made from solid wood -- with no toxic wood glues, cheap fillers, plastics, or other harmful chemicals. Our bedside sleepers are handcrafted in Germany out of locally sourced beechwood, which is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-static. So you can rest easy knowing your baby is safe & breathing easy.

A Company That Insists Upon Sustainability

Our environment is shaped by the decisions we make. That’s why, for every tree we use in making a babybay® bedside sleeper, we plant a new one. We hand-select each beech tree we use to ensure the highest quality product and to remain responsible to the environment. You can rest assured knowing that your babybay is crafted out of the highest quality beech, and that each babybay is as beautiful as it is strong.

Everything You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep

Your babybay® eco bundle comes with everything you need for a good night’s sleep. To add extra sheets, or an accessory to match your style, check out our accessories page!