How babybay bedside sleepers were born

It's crucial to take care of your own well-being and your baby's during the first year, which is why Poppa Pihale invented the babybay®.

In 2003, Christian (he's Poppa Pihale around here) ran into a problem when his wife Ruth gave birth to two children in quick succession. Knowing she would have to get up in short intervals throughout the night as each baby woke and needed to be fed, Ruth asked for his help.

Sharing a bed, or co-sleeping, was too dangerous to be considered, though it would allow Ruth to feed while still remaining in bed herself.

So Christian thought of a solution that would let Ruth and their babies stay close in bed while keeping their babies safe: a baby bed that mounts onto the parent's bed.

The semi-circular, solid beechwood construction of the babybay® bedside sleeper is naturally anti-bacterial, sourced using sustainable methods, and completely safe for the baby.

Never having to get up at night for breastfeeding, cuddling, and comforting has been an incredible relief for Ruth and the 500,000+ other parents who use babybay® to get better nights for the whole family.

But If co-sleeping isn't your thing, you can transform your babybay® bedside sleeper into a standalone crib with the simple addition of a guardrail.

You can even customize your babybay® to match your style. We're stocked with enhancing features, like going mobile with the lockable roller kit, or adding a dreamy canopy to make your baby bed magical.

And you'll be supporting your baby's health by choosing the eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic baby crib that adds protection, naturally.

We make our babybay®'s from locally sourced beechwood in Germany. That means for every tree we use, we plant a new one. (And everything's manufactured to the highest European quality standards. No cheap plywoods, plastics, or toxic wood glues!)

All high quality water based finishes are non-toxic to promote a healthy sleep environment.

With easy assembly you can have your babybay® up in less time than it takes to get dinner on the table.

And the best part? When your baby outgrows her bedside sleeper, you can transform it into a full-size crib, an art desk, or a playpen, using the convertible kit (coming soon!). So no need to waste money on a crib you'll only use for a couple of years...the babybay® is the bedside sleeper that grows with your baby!

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