How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Newborn

One of the greatest challenges to new parents is how to get a good night’s sleep with a new infant in the home. Not only is there the excitement of having a new baby, which can affect sleep patterns for a couple, but there’s also the ever-present cries for food from the baby that disrupts sleep patterns for both. 

Here are some ideas on how to get a good night’s sleep with a newborn.

Trade off on Sleep

Some couples might decide to trade off with sleep times. Maybe one of the parents has to get up for work in the morning, while the other parent is not required to be anywhere during the day. In such cases, the one without a definite work requirement in the morning might take the overnight responsibilities to calm and feed the crying infant.

Hire a Service Provider

Other couples may hire an overnight baby care service to handle all the baby’s needs in the wee small hours of the morning. This service will free up the parents to both get a good night’s sleep and be fresh for their daytime responsibilities, whether it’s caring for the newborn or working hard at their careers.

Co-sleep with Baby

If neither of those options work for you, there is also a middle option - that is to co-sleep with your infant, using a baby bedside sleeper from babybay next to the parent’s bed. Many pediatricians and parenting advocates suggest co-sleeping with your infant to develop a bond, a closeness and a mutual trust and respect that will help both the baby and the parents get much more sleep in the weeks and months going forward.

The idea of co-sleeping doesn’t mean bringing the infant into the bed with you, but rather having your baby infant near to the bed. In fact, The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend a newborn sleeping in the parent’s bed. That’s why babybay sleepers are perfect for new parents. Having your infant close to you in a separate bassinet makes a 3am infant feeding much easier for the parent. As we like to say, “Always Next to You with babybay”. 

A babybay bassinet is connected to the parent’s bed, allowing the parent to reach over and pick up the baby for a bottle feed or a nursing feed. Having this ease of feeding without having to stand and walk to a crib is especially helpful to a new mom, who may still be recovering from delivery. 

Our bassinets can be positioned at the height of the parent’s bed. This allows for parents to keep an eye on the infant while laying in bed. This closeness is helpful to a parent to know when to feed or hold the baby.

Rest Easy with a babybay Sleeper

When your baby sleeps in a babybay sleeper, sleep will come easier for both the baby and the parents. No more nights of fearing that the wife or husband will accidentally roll on top of the baby. 

Your baby will sleep more soundly on their back. If your baby cries out in the night, you can gently reach over and caress, hold or whisper your baby back to sleep. At the same time, the baby will also innately feel close to the parents, yet have singular space in the sleeper bed right next to the parent’s bed.It’s a win-win all around! 

If you’re expecting soon, you owe it to you and your partner to get a babybay bedside sleeper to ensure that you and your partner both get a good night’s sleep with your newborn.

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