Save 10% on babybay Portable Baby Bed in February!

New or expecting parents can rest easy in the coming weeks by using a 10% coupon code KISSES on the purchase of a new portable baby bed sleeper from babybay USA. Click over to our website to choose a baby bedside sleeper model today!

Here’s how to get your savings:

  • Click over to choose one of our three babybay bedside sleepers
  • Choose the size of your baby bassinet bed (Original, Maxi, or Maxi Tall)
  • Select the color of your babybay baby bassinet bed
  • Add to Cart, and then click Coupon Code and add KISSES into the box.

That’s it! You’ll save 10% on your purchase of a new eco-friendly babybay baby sleeping bed. Your baby will rest better and so will you!

A babybay baby sleeping bed makes for happy babies, and rested parents. Our unique curved bed design allows you to have your baby close to you, letting you draw your baby close for comfort touching, bonding and breastfeeding, without getting out of bed.

Our babybay bedside bassinet gives you and your baby the chance to get a comfortable sleep next to each other. Being able to soothe or nurse your baby in the middle of the night without getting out of bed means more energy for mom and dad for the special moments ahead.

Ease of Use

Our baby beds are easy to use. The babybay newborn baby bed simply clips to the parent’s bed. It’s fully adjustable, which means you can adjust the height to fit snugly against your bed. And you can just as easily detach it and use it as a standalone bassinet.

Try the babybay bassinet for your newborn and you’ll find that both the baby and the parents sleep comfortably and cozily. Nothing pleases new parents more than a sweet softly sleeping baby in the baby bedside sleeper. More than half a million satisfied babybay® parents already are sleeping better – and you and your baby will too!

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