Sleep and Safety with a Newborn: the babybay® Bedside Sleeper

I hear it all the time when talking to new parents: “If my baby's not eating, she's sleeping.” I often ask them back, “and when do you sleep?” The common response is an eye-roll to the heavens. New parents experience a major shift in family dynamics post-birth. All of a sudden the family becomes baby-archichal. But these fussy little rulers can wreak havoc on a good night's sleep.

Babies need near-constant food, soothing, and naps. For your first child, it’s a completely new experience. As a couple, soothing took the form of hugs and held hands. Naps were luxuries on a sunny afternoon. You had each other to worry about, feed, provide for, and support.

But with baby, a lot of the focus shifts to mom. Life patterns are disrupted as new demands take precedent. Navigating the first few months as a new parent can be difficult. The shift in family dynamics means baby now absorbs nearly all of the focus, and though this is rewarding, it can also be demanding.

How do you stay sane with little sleep and a constant schedule of care and feeding?

Don't let your own health fall by the wayside. Adapt to your new schedule by linking your daily habits with those of your baby. When baby sleeps, you sleep. With the babybay® bedside sleeper, you can nap when your baby naps. By staying close and in rhythm, your newborn will feel safe and you'll strengthen your bond.

Refuel your body and rest your mind…

Pregnancy and childbirth are strenuous. A new mother's body needs recovery time. Good sleep is imperative to allow swift recovery. Of course, with baby's safety and soothing needs in mind, mom will want to keep her baby close as she rests.

Because of the risk of SIDS, bed-sharing is not a safe option for keeping your baby near you while you catch up on sleep. If your newborn is sleeping in the next room, the cry from your child's crib will force you to get out of bed. That short shuffle to the baby's crib pulls you out of a restful state and stifles your chances of getting back to sleep.

Even with help, nothing will reduce stress more than knowing that your baby's needs are being met as well as your own. Raising a child is not easy. It's wonderful, enriching, and exciting, but it's also draining.

That's why the babybay® Bedside Sleeper was created. Now you don't have to sacrifice sleep and comfort for the sake of keeping your baby close and safe. The babybay® Bedside Sleeper fosters the bond between you and your love-bundle by allowing baby to sleep beside you with a revolutionary bedside sleeper. This bedside co-sleeper keeps baby safe and right next to you in bed, making feeding and connecting natural.

And for once, your rest, a priority.

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