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  • Because not getting out of bed to soothe or nurse your baby in the middle of the night means more energy for the really special moments.

    ...Better rest for the whole family

  • We grow with your family.

    Purchase the conversion kit (coming soon) to transform your babybay into a desk, bench, or full-size crib!

  • Easy, safe sleep for newborns.

    babybay® Medibay: the baby crib that keeps baby close. Call for more information.

Hunger cries at 9pm, 12am, 3am, & 6am?

Stay half-asleep while you nurse.

Nighttime separation anxiety?

Your touch is only a hand's reach away.

Need to respond to a crisis?

You're already right there.

Working hard during the day?

Build a stronger bond with your baby while you sleep.

Ready to save your sleep?
Order your babybay® now

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For parents who want to keep their babies close, safe, and comforted while sleeping, babybay® is the bedside sleeper that lets parents soothe and nurse their newborn without getting out of bed.

You want the best for your baby. Give your baby the closeness and comfort she needs, and get better rest too.

babybay® helps parents and babies bond better, sleep better, and live better with the eco-friendly, all natural babybay bedside sleeper.

Co-sleeping is a growing trend in the US as more parents seek to grow a stronger bond with their babies, through easier, safer sleep.

No need to get out of bed to soothe or nurse your baby. No more straining your arm at an awkward angle to scoop baby out of the crib. No more listening for signs of crisis over a baby monitor.

Stop struggling to groggily walk to your baby’s room every time she cries. Make life easier for you and baby in those first important months, so you have more time and energy for the really special moments.

Get my babybay® today

Used in over 28 countries by half a million happy parents, babybay is the eco-friendly bedside sleeper providing safer, better sleep for newborns.

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Cosleeping with babybay® is recommended by midwives, doulas, lactation specialists, and Safe Sleep professionals. Parents love us too! Here’s what they had to say:

  • Samantha - Mommy from all about Babys World

    One of the main reasons I co sleep is so I can get more sleep, and having to lay awkwardly and uncomfortably to nurse my baby multiple times in the middle of the night defeats that purpose. This is reason enough to run out and buy a babybay...babybay is SUPER easy to put together. It took me about 10 minutes with my two kids crawling all over my stuff, as kids are prone to do. This is the easiest baby product I have ever put together.
    Samantha - Mommy from All About Babys World

  • Diana testimonial from Oregon

    Love the Maxi Cot. It is perfect for my baby who likes to feel close to me. He use to sleep in a snuggle nest because he likes to feel surrounded my somthing but he out grew that fast. This was perfect because it is long enough for hi to fit in yet narrow enough for to feel surrounded and secure. Well worth the money. Wish I woulda got it sooner.
    Diana, Oregon

  • Susan testimonial from Montana

    This is the best thing I ever bought for myself and my baby. So many things you buy get used once or are totally worthless. babybay is worth every penny and then some for peace of mind and getting more sleep.
    Susan, Montana

  • Trish testimonial from California

    I bought this for my daughter and she and her husband love it. I wish this had been available when I had children.
    Trish, California

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