Frequently Asked Questions

What is a preorder item?

Preorder items are not in stock currently, but coming back in stock soon. Inline with our environmentally conscious moral compass, your order will be shipped when all items are in stock. Thank you for understanding.

What is a babybay?

The ONLY Eco-Friendly Bedside Sleeper on the market. You want the best for your newborn. That’s why babybay offers an all-natural bedside sleeper made from solid wood — with no toxic wood glues, cheap fillers, plastics, or other harmful chemicals.
Our bedside sleepers are handcrafted in Germany out of locally sourced beech wood, which is naturally antibacterial and anti-static.
The specially designed bassinet connects to the side of the parents’ bed, allowing the infant to sleep safely next to their parents.

What is the maximum recommended bed height for the babybay Bedside Sleeper?

  • The babybay Original can be used with beds ranging from 10’’ to 25’’ tall.*
  • The babybay Maxi can be used with beds ranging from 10” to 25” tall.*
  • The Maxi Tall can be used with beds ranging from 10” to 31” tall.*

*Measured from the floor to the top of parent’s mattress.

Where are babybays made?

All babybays and accessories are made in Germany.

What materials are babybay bedside sleepers made out of?

Babybays only have a few basic ingredients:

  • 100% natural beechwood
  • Water based wood glue
  • Water based finishes (Untreated babybay has no finish)
  • Metal hardware: contains no heavy metals such as lead or cadmium
  • We NEVER use medium-density fiberboard (MDF), fillers or artificial materials.
  • Non-Toxic: All components (every part of the babybay) are F963 and EN 71-2 compliant
What are the mattress pads and covers made out of?

Our US mattress pads are made of CFC-free polyurethane foam which along with every other product we offer is Oeko-Tex Class 1 for babies (12.0.03346). We do not use any chemicals or flame retardants: they are illegal in California. Additionally we have no detectable VOCs off gassing. We do not have Greenguard as it’s services are largely based on testing inexpensive products made from OSB / particle board products and we use high quality German Made Beechwood which is held to European TUV standards.

The Classic Mattress Pad is made from CFC-free polyurethane foam. It’s cover is made from 100% Cotton with a polyester backer.

The Relief Mattress Pad is made from CFC-free polyurethane foam. It’s cover is made from 61% Polyester and 39% Cotton.

The Tranquility Mattress Pad is made from CFC-free polyurethane foam. It’s cover is made from 52% polyester, 47% lyocell, 1% carbon fiber.

Are the finishes water-based or oil-based?

Our finishes are all water-based and are specific for use on children’s furniture. Our finishes are tested to the highest standards in Europe and the US for harmful chemicals or substances. Our finishes have no or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). We receive the best safety ratings given to baby products.

How long can I safely use the babybay Bedside Sleeper?

Babybays are tested for use up to approximately 5 months of age or until the baby pushes up as part of the Bedside Sleeper safety standards set by ASTM F2906, F2194 and the CPSC. While in Europe similar models are used for up to a year, the US offers no such testing or endorsement.

How long can I use the babybay with a Bassinet Conversion kit?

Babybay Bassinets are tested for use up to approximately 5 months of age as part of the Bassinet Safety Standards set by ASTM F2194 and the CPSC. While in Europe similar models are used for up to a year, the US offers no such testing or endorsement.

What is the maximum weight capacity for the babybay Bedside Sleeper?

All babybays can support up to 200 lbs when properly assembled.

Are European babybays the same as US babybays?

No! US babybays are specifically designed to meet US safety standards. US babybays have little to no part compatibility with babybays designed for the EU market.

Can I buy an EU babybay and import it?

No! It is illegal to import EU babybays for sale or for personal use into the US per 16 CFR 1218 and 16 CFR 1222. European babybays do not meet US safety standards and are considered unsafe in the Us. We do not provide support for EU babybays or EU babybay parts or accessories. Only purchase babybays from authorized US babybay dealers. If you find an EU babybay for sale, DO NOT BUY IT.

Do I have a US babybay?

There are two very easy ways to identify a US babybay:

  1. All US babybays are sold with a solid ˜6” wooden barrier on the open side of the babybay.
    • EU models do not have a safety barrier.
  2. All US babybays have very conspicuous Warning Labels on the sleeping platform.
    • EU model babybays do not have Warning Labels.
I have a US babybay. Which model is it?

US Babybays can be identified by their dimensions and labels:

  1. – Original: 34.5” Wide x 18” Deep x 31” Tall
    • SKU: 107100, 107102
  2. – Maxi: 37.8” Wide x 21.25” Deep x 31” Tall
    • SKU: 161100, 161102, 161107
  3. – Maxi Tall: 37.8” Wide x 21.25” Deep x 38” Tall
    • SKU: 167110, 167112, 167113, 167117
  4. – Pre-2020 Model: 35.75” Wide x 18.5” Deep x 37” Tall (DISCONTINUED in 2019)
    • SKU: 167100, 167102, 167103, 167107
I have an EU babybay. What should I do?


EU babybays lack several safety features required by the US which are critical to your baby’s wellbeing. The safety features are integral to the US babybay design and are not compatible with EU models.

Can I use other brand mattresses, sheets or accessories with a babybay Bedside Sleeper?

No other brand mattresses, sheets or accessories can be used safely with any babybay model.

I have a Pre-2020 model babybay. Is it compatible with new mattresses and accessories?

The current babybays may look similar to the babybay Pre-2020 model, however there are significant differences in design. Some mattresses and accessories should never be used with the babybay Pre-2020 model.
However, some products are compatible with the babybay Pre-2020 model:

  • – Items which specifically state they are made for the babybay Pre-2020 model
  • – Sheets made for the Maxi and Maxi Tall
  • – Rolling Casters
  • – Canopies and Canopy Holders
  • – Replacement metal parts (replacement screws, barrel assembly kits, etc.)
  • – Resistance plates ( Not the Bedframe Anchors)
I live outside of the United States, can I order a babybay?

We try out hardest to make babybay available to everyone no matter where they are located. We have even shipped a babybay to a a lighthouse on a volcanic Island. Customers are responsible for any applicable fees, tariffs or taxes.

Is the babybay Crib / Playpen conversion kit available?

The Crib / Playpen Conversion Kit is expected to be released in the US in 2023.

Will the new Crib / Playpen conversion kit work with the babybay Pre-2020 Model model?

Unfortunately, the kits will only work on the Original, Maxi and Maxi Tall. The babybay Pre-2020 Model is not compatible with the Crib / Playpen conversion.

How else do parents use the babybay after bedside sleeper configuration?

Internationally, the babybay is used as a bench, play desk, changing table, and other innovative uses such as a dog bed!

There is even a high-chair conversion kit and a toddler bed extension.

However, in the US the product is not safety certified for these uses yet. We are working hard with the manufacturer to bring these features to the US under CPSC guidance compliance. Although we see posts of parents using it to this capacity in the US, the CPSC and manufacturer do not recommend it and are not liable for such continued use.

What safety certifications does the babybay Bedside Sleeper have?

Here at babybay safety comes first. We build relationships with parents and partners through trust in our company by being transparent and creating trust in our products. Each product has been held to the highest standards of testing. The babybay Bedside Sleeper is ASTM, TÜV, and Confidence in Textiles (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 for babies) certified. All products which are regulated by CFRs will be compliant with their applicable ASTM standards. The actual “passing” test results are typically not accessible to the public as they contain confidential information about the tested product(s). It is normally sufficient for any company to state their products have passed the most recent mandated ASTM iterations as federal regulators have access to the testing data upon demand.


We sustainably resource all beechwood used by replanting every tree that is harvested. We also use high efficiency production methods and best practices to ensure we utilize the maximum amount of beechwood.

How do I clean my babybay?

Untreated – Use a clean damp cloth. Due to the porous nature of untreated wood, avoid using chemicals. Light stains may be removed with a fine grit sandpaper.

Colored Finishes – Use a clean damp cloth. If you must use a detergent, use a mild baby friendly soap.

How do I wash my mattress pad?

We recommend hand washing in cold and then hang drying it in a dry place. Preferably by a window, as sunlight can help kill bacteria.