About babybay®

bedside baby bassinet co sleeper from babybay

Our Vision

At babybay®, We Take Our Lead From Parents.

Because you’ve asked for the safest, highest quality products for your baby, we’ve answered with European made co-sleepers and mattress pads that meet top quality standards.

Rest easy knowing our co-sleeper bassinet is made from sustainably sourced beechwood—that means, for every tree we use, we plant another. babybay is invested not only in making the first years of your child’s life safe and comfortable, but in building a brighter, more sustainable future for your child. As a leading provider of baby life products, social responsibility is at the forefront of all our actions and product decisions. Our values and practices allow our team to feel good about the products we offer, so parents will too.

Our Mission

Providing Safety, Quality,
And Peace Of Mind

We believe in bringing parents peace of mind by creating products that are innovative, safe, ethically manufactured, sustainably resourced, and that are made of fully non-toxic components.

We know that having your newborn near you as you sleep allows you to nurture and bond with your baby more easily and naturally. The babybay Bedside Sleeper lets you stick to a baby’s feeding schedule at night without having to fully rouse yourself out of bed. The babybay Bedside Sleeper also gives you the luxury to keep your baby close without any of the potential hazards associated with sharing a bed. It’s the perfect way to provide for your baby while you sleep.


babybay® Was Born To Fulfill A Need.

In 2003, Christian Pihale ran into a problem when his wife Ruth gave birth to two children in quick succession. Knowing she would have to get up in short intervals throughout the night as each baby woke and needed to be fed, Ruth asked for his help. Sharing a bed, or co-sleeping, was too dangerous to be considered, though it would allow Ruth to feed while still remaining in bed herself. So Christian thought of a solution that would let Ruth and the baby stay close in bed while keeping the baby safe: a baby bed that mounts onto the parent’s bed.

The semi-circular, solid beechwood construction of the babybay Bedside Sleeper is naturally anti-bacterial, sourced using sustainable methods, and completely safe for the baby. Never having to get up at night for breastfeeding, cuddling, and comforting is an incredible relief for parents. True to Christian’s vision of a sustainable product that answers the needs of parents to keep their children safe, healthy, and happy, babybay meets the needs of parents while honing an environmentally conscious moral compass. babybay is now an internationally best-selling item in innovative, responsible baby life products.

Meet the Team

Enthusiastic, Driven, and Accomplished Individuals

We babybayers promise to bring you the best in baby life products. We’re a team of enthusiastic, driven, and accomplished individuals who want to make parents’ lives easier so that there are more happy, healthy babies to light up the future.

Terrence Heaps
Managing Director
Matthew Greene
Chief Operating Officer
Sarah Birdwell
Creative Director