Designing a Minimal Nursery: Top Dos and Don’ts

For a comfortable and on-style nursery design you and your baby will love!
June 15, 2023

Preparing parents choose to run full-force towards the minimal nursery aesthetic for plenty of reasons that are unique to them. Whether a neutral color palette just speaks to your tastes, or you’re working with the kind of limited space that makes “sticking to just the essentials” the natural next move, minimalist nursery decor can offer a relaxing backdrop to your baby’s sweet Z’s while also leaving you in love with your design.

If you’re in the planning stages of your minimalist nursery design process, we’ve got just the decor tips and much-needed next steps to set you down the path toward the perfect calming nursery space.

Nursery Decor DO: Start with a Minimalist Nursery List

There are endless baby products, store aisles, and nursery furniture choices to choose from when looking to fill your little nursery to perfectly suit your baby’s comfort.Minimal nursery furniture in a neutral color palette | babybay bedside sleeper

But getting lost in all that baby product noise is the quickest way to lose track of the minimal nursery aesthetic you love—while also buying dozens of expensive and supposedly “must-have” gadgets and doodads that you’ll regret spending money on down the road.

That’s why we’re all about breaking your essentials down before you even begin shopping (especially when minimalism is your goal).

Though things like bodysuits and a diaper bag should be on your “buy before baby comes” list, there are a few can’t forget! nursery and furniture pieces that are essential for even the most devoted minimalist.

Our favorite essential nursery furniture pieces include:

Stick to your nursery list as much as you can (to save money, make your nursery look cohesive, and avoid splurge purchases that you’ll regret buying down the road!). But also don’t forget the power of buying a design piece or two that’s just there to make you happy and bring your personal flair to the space.

Minimalism isn’t about giving up on the design pieces that make you happy—it’s about making sure each design piece you choose has a place and point in your nursery and home.

Nursery Decor DON’T: Don’t Buy Without First Exploring Your Options

Long gone are the days when a traditional big, bulky, and expensive crib was the only way to go.

A bedside cosleeper, an example of minimal nursery furniture, next to a bed | babybay bedside sleeperThese days, there are safer, more secure, and more comfortable ways to help your baby sleep peacefully through the night. Ones that aren’t just more comfortable for them—but lead to longer and more restful nights of sleep for you too.

More and more parents (and parents-to-be!) are choosing to save money and space by using an all-in-one sleeper and bedside bassinet that lets you keep your baby close during the first few months of life. These options make it even easier to nighttime nurse and care for your baby’s every cry, without adding extra dust-gathering and expensive pieces of furniture to the mix.

These all-in-one options (like the longtime parent-loved babybay bedside sleeper  that easily converts into a bedside bassinet) help you follow American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for keeping your baby extra-close during their first 6 months, while freeing up space in your nursery that can be better used for playing and cuddling.

Options like a bedside sleeper also take away all the pressure to perfect the comfort of your minimal nursery space, since you can easily nighttime nurse and offer cuddles and care without leaving your own soft and comfy sheets.

Nursery Decor DO: Multi-Purpose Minimalist Nursery Furniture for the Win

The marketing of different baby products might be designed to convince you that you need this, and this, and this to design a nursery your baby will love, but don’t let all that noise hold you back.A minimalist nursery with bedside cosleeper and dresser | babybay bedside sleeper

There’s no reason to buy minimalist nursery furniture that only has one use.

Sure, you need a place to change your baby. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a changing table.

Instead of spending extra money and using up all your space with minimalist modern nursery pieces that only have one purpose, try adding a changing pad to the top of a dresser, or filling a portable basket with diaper supplies and having a roll-up mat around for a quick change on any surface.

By avoiding items that will only be useful for a short time (and looking for items that can fill multiple needs), you’ll not only stay away from breaking the budget—you’ll invest in furniture pieces that can adapt and grow right alongside your child.

Nursery Decor DON’T: Don’t Ignore the Importance of Going All-Natural In Your Minimal Nursery

Minimalism and sustainability often go hand-in-hand. (Why? Because by choosing more natural materials and only buying what you need, you’re supporting the planet and reducing waste!)

A father holding a baby next to a bedside cosleeper | babybay bedside sleeperBut even if you’re choosing minimalism mostly because you like the style, you’ll still benefit from the many ways that minimalist nursery choices support your baby’s safety and security.

Makers like babybay (the team behind some of the most parent-loved bedside sleepers on the market) write sustainability into their mission statement by designing all-natural sleeping spaces made of 100% ethically-sourced beechwood.

And while this natural beechwood offers a non-toxic and non-hazardous place for your little one to catch their dream-filled Z’s (compare that to traditional crib models, which are made with toxic glues and varnishes), these models are as cute as they are practical and safe.

You can choose from a neutral range of colors that blend in beautifully to whatever minimalist color palette you choose, while experiencing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that safety isn’t being sacrificed for style.

What to Do With All Your Nursery Design Dos and Don’ts

Building a minimalist modern nursery doesn’t have to feel like a chore, and filling your space with furniture pieces that will bring your little one comfort—while also bringing joy to you!—doesn’t have to break your budget or leave you sacrificing other things on your nursery wishlist.

All it takes is a little bit of planning to build the minimal nursery of your dreams, one that is perfectly multi-functional, perfectly eco-friendly, and best yet—perfectly designed for you.

[Ready to take the next design step? See a multi-purpose nursery furniture piece in action.]

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June 15, 2023