3 Reasons babybay is Perfect for a Minimal Nursery

So many options— Make sure babybay is at the top of your list!
December 30, 2020

If you’re here because you’re overwhelmed with all the choices and endless baby products and aisles and aisles of items you’re in the right place! Let’s break it down and get simple with the essentials and why babybay® should be at the top of your list…

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Easily style your babybay® as a bedside sleeper to create a beautiful and relaxing space for you and your baby to safely share.

You don’t need to purchase ALL THE THINGS. At the same time, your budget-friendly or minimal nursery doesn’t need to be an empty room with a crib. It might even just be the corner of your own bedroom early on, and that’s ok! You will want to have the most essential items for you and your little one to find a peaceful and relaxing space together. Here are 3 reasons why a babybay® is the perfect piece to build your nursery around.

bedside sleeper, babybay, cosleep, bassinet, neutral nursery, minimal nursery,

1. Skip the Traditional Crib

Traditional cribs are so BIG and bulky… and expensive! These days many parents now choose to keep their babies near them in their bedroom during the first few months. This is especially true for breastfeeding moms who may need to have easy and quick access to the baby during the night for nursing. Purchasing a separate crib on top of a bedside bassinet is already an added expense, but also means it may be sitting in the nursery collecting dust for months before it gets any use.

You’ll want to soak up as many snuggles as you can with your baby. Keeping them close by your bed allows for as much bonding time as possible with your little one.

If you’re considering a bedside sleeper crib like babybay®, then you most likely are planning on some time with your little one near your own bedside and then transitioning to their own room later on. Keeping things minimal in your nursery can leave you more room for a comfortable rocker and more space for your child to play later on. This is especially true if you’re limited on square footage or your children will share a room.

A babybay® is the perfect size to fit next to almost any bedside with your newborn, and easily transitions to keep your little one safe in their own room as they grow.

bedside sleeper, babybay, cosleep, bassinet, neutral nursery, minimal nursery,

2. Multi-Purpose For The Win

When selecting nursery items and looking for budget-friendly options, always look for quality items that can have multiple uses. For example, you need a place to change your baby, but not necessarily a changing table. Add a changing pad to the top of a dresser, create a portable basket with diaper supplies and a roll-up mat for a quick change on any surface. Try to avoid items that will only be useful for a short time and look for items that can fill multiple needs.

One of the many great features of a babybay is the flexibility to adjust and grow with your child. From a bedside sleeper, to stand-alone bassinet, to a bench, a play space, a desk, or many other options. The sturdy beechwood construction and conversion kits for different stages will ensure your piece lasts for years as your child grows up or adapts through the transitions as younger siblings join your family later on.

bedside sleeper, babybay, cosleep, bassinet, neutral nursery, minimal nursery,

3. All the Sleeping Essentials in One Place

With so many choices out there it’s really easy to get to a point of decision fatigue. It’s exhausting to search through what to pick, from where, and a million different options from endless stores. We’ve made it really simple for you with our 3 babybay® models to choose from, mattresses, and even organic cotton Jersey sheets in a variety of colors.

Choose the model and accessories to fit your space and your nursery style. Conveniently delivered and easy to assemble in just a few minutes, we guarantee a stress free and great experience with your babybay.

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Written by contributing writer Amber Mauriello

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December 30, 2020