How a Co Sleeping Bed Can Help You Get More Sleep

Co sleeping doesn’t just benefit babies–it benefits parents too!
November 15, 2022

It’s no secret: when your newborn uses a co sleeping baby bed, their body and mind benefit. (Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what the studies have to say…)

But your baby isn’t the only one in the family who benefits from using a bedside co sleeper

As a parent, you benefit too! Here are all the ways that a bedside co sleeper supports you as parents just as much as it supports your baby.  

Do Co Sleeping Babies Sleep Better?

There’s nothing more nurturing than sleeping close to the ones you love. And while traditional cribs use bars or netting to separate you from your little one, the perfect co sleeper will let your co sleeping baby catch peaceful Z’s while sleeping within arm’s reach of you (no getting out of bed necessary!). 

One of the world's many co sleeping babies next to their mother | babybay bedside sleeper

So do co sleeping babies sleep better?

Many parents find that their little ones get more rest—and are more easily calmed during the night—when their mattress and bed is right against yours. 

That’s partly because co sleeping parents are able to more quickly and easily respond to their baby’s needs and offer comfort before those crisis cries become, well, a crisis. 

The best co sleeping baby bed will make sure that your baby is safe and nestled in a space that’s made just for them, while giving you the ability to quickly soothe your little one without leaving your comfy mattress and bed. 

Which will bless your night times with peace of mind, while making it easier to care for your baby’s every need. 

Does the Perfect Co Sleeper Make Nighttime Nursing Easier?

For many breastfeeding parents, it can be a challenge to care for every nighttime hunger cry while still getting enough sleep to feel rested in the morning. 

But co sleeping and breastfeeding are a perfect match—partly because the best co sleeping baby bed will make it easy for you to nurse without getting out of bed and fully disrupting your sleep. 

You can practice baby care while still keeping your toes comfy under the covers, making it easier to get back into a sleep state when your baby is all full and ready for some rest of their own. 

Do You Bond Better When Using a Co Sleeping Bed for Baby?

Though there are plenty of other reasons to love co sleeping, most parents agree that feeling close to your baby all night long is one of the biggest benefits. 

When you’re no more than an arm’s reach away, you can practice baby care while being confident that your baby is safe. Which doesn’t just make it easier to get deeper, more restful sleep—it gives you the kind of peace of mind you need to focus your nighttime energy on what really matters: bonding with your baby. 

A mother nighttime nursing with her co sleeping baby | babybay bedside sleeper

In fact, choosing to co sleep can help you nurture the kind of deep bond with your baby that will make you highly responsive to your baby’s needs

But not only that–it turns out that your co sleeping baby learns how to regulate their breaths by listening to your own inhale-exhale rhythm. This supports their physical health by helping them use energy more efficiently. It also supports their mental health by helping them feel closer to you, which can regulate their (and your!) stress levels in turn. 

And though science agrees that co sleeping facilitates bonding (just look at the studies we linked above!), on a non-scientific level many parents discover that the perfect co sleeper helps them feel closer and emotionally connected through the night. 

Does Choosing to Co Sleep Support Your Baby’s Independence?

Many parents want their children to grow up to be independent—and we don’t blame them! But as the research shows, co sleeping actually promotes independence in babies. 

A baby in a co sleeping bed for newborn | babybay bedside sleeper

That’s because independence arises when a baby feels nurtured and supported, with all their needs consistently being met. 

When a baby is safe and has a loved one nearby, they can perform the kind of exploring and decision-making that supports a healthy confidence in their own independent abilities.

Which means you’ll support the healthy development of independent habits while choosing to care for your baby by co sleeping with them when they are young. 

So Then What’s the Best Co Sleeping Bed for Newborns?

The best co sleeping bed for newborns will offer the kind of safety certification guarantee that you need to comfortably rest with full peace of mind. 

The babybay bedside sleeper has been safety-certified through ASTM International, the TÜV Rheinland Group, and has been given a Confidence in Textiles certification. The all-natural and non-toxic babybay bedside sleeper is made of sustainably-sourced beechwood, making it the stylish and safe perfect co sleeper for your family. 

To take advantage of all the benefits of co sleeping—for both you and your baby!—explore babybay’s safe and nurturing co sleeping baby bed, designed to give you and your little one full nights of sweet rest.

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November 15, 2022