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The babybay Maxi is as tall as our babybay Original but with extra width for twins or babies who need a little more room. Adjust the height to meet your boxspring/mattress combo and let your Maxi babybay grow with you.

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Choose your mattress
Classic Wave Mattress Pad for Maxi and Maxi Tall
With Classic Wave Mattress Pad Cover
In Stock
Crafted with a natural foam core, layered with moisture regulating vertical air ducts. Extra ventilation regulates temperature and the cover provides extra support.
Relief Wave Mattress Pad for Maxi and Maxi Tall
With Relief Wave Mattress Pad Cover
In Stock
Helps babies sleep free from allergies. Natural protection against mold, mildew, and pests. Moisture-regulating, breathable and cover keeps allergens out.
Tranquility Wave Mattress Pad for Maxi and Maxi tall
With Tranquility Mattress Pad Cover
In Stock
The cover is infused with natural carbon fiber which absorbs and diffuses electromagnetic radiation, keeping your baby safe by lowering cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Improved melatonin release helps babies stay asleep and promotes better rest. Extra ventilation regulates body temperature to give your baby a better night's sleep.
Complete the set
Organic Jersey Sheet for Maxi and Maxi Tall
In Stock
Organic Jersey cotton sheet is made out of the highest quality organic cotton with extra-long fibers so your fitted sheet is soft, comfortable and long lasting.
Dry Comfort Mattress Protector for Maxi and Maxi Tall
In Stock
Water resistant and breathable, the Dry Comfort Mattress Protector offers protection against leaking diapers, bacillus, and mold. Recommended so your baby always has a clean mattress!
Bassinet Conversion - Maxi and Maxi Tall
Convert your babybay from a bedside sleeper into a bassinet with the wooden guard rail so your baby always sleeps safely.
Organic Jersey Sheet for Maxi and Maxi Tall (Double Pack)
In Stock
2-Pack of the Organic Jersey cotton sheet. Made out of the highest quality organic cotton with extra-long fibers so your fitted sheet is soft, comfortable and long lasting.
Jersey Sheet for Maxi and Maxi Tall
In Stock
Jersey 100% cotton sheet is made out of the highest quality cotton with extra-long fibers so your fitted sheet is soft, comfortable, and long lasting.
Jersey Sheet for Maxi and Maxi Tall (Double Pack)
In Stock
2-Pack of the Jersey 100% cotton sheet. Made out of the highest quality cotton with extra-long fibers so your fitted sheet is soft, comfortable, and long lasting.
Rolling Casters
Go mobile with the rolling casters kit. Now you can easily move your babybay into whatever room you’re in so you can keep your baby close and safe.


The babybay must be used with a babybay-certified mattress pad. To purchase a babybay without also buying a mattress, you must verify that you already have a certified mattress pad.

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Separation Anxiety
Crisis Response
Maternal Bonding

Product Description

This mini crib is an innovative bedside sleeper that securely attaches to your bed, allowing for safe co-sleeping while your baby stays snug in his or her own babybay. With the babybay’s modular design you can transform your crib into a portable bassinet using a lockable rolling casters kit and bassinet conversion kit.

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Next to being held in your arms, the baby crib is the place where baby most spends time cradled in comfort. babybay’s are half-moon shaped to mimic the protective feel of a hug. Solidly built, eco-friendly beechwood construction means your babybay is strong, sustainable, durable, and made to last. Customize your babybay baby crib with a babynest, adding softness, comfort, and style.


  • Made in Germany to specifically meet US safety standards
  • Fits flush and secure to beds min 10” up to 25″ high (measured from the floor to the top of parent’s mattress)
  • babybay Dimensions: 31” H x 37” W x 21″ D
  • Sleeping Platform: 35” W x 19” D
  • 100% eco -friendly, sustainably sourced beech wood
  • For use up to approximately 6 months of age or until baby pushes up
  • 1 x set of Bedframe Anchors included
  • Need a smaller sleeping platform? Try the babybay Original
  • Need a taller bedside sleeper? Try the babybay Maxi Tall
5 /5
Based on 24 ratings

Reviewed by 24 users

    • 4 weeks ago (Edit)

    Perfect bed-side sleeper

    I purchased this item when i was Half a sleep searching for a co-sleeper. The only way i could get my baby to sleep was having him next to me . When he was in bed i couldn’t Sleep because i was so worried he would Get rolled on . This baby bay is perfect, he can sleep safely next to me! The perfect solution, its also super cute and easy to put together.

    • 1 month ago (Edit)

    After hours of research, i am so excited i came across the babybay co-sleeper. It was easy to assemble and fits perfectly even in our small spaces.

    • 2 months ago (Edit)

    the perfect sleeper

    I knew i wanted to safely co-sleep with our little one, but get something cute at the same time, so when I stumbled across this babybay bedside sleeper I knew it was the one. It attaches perfectly to our bedside and looks wonderful in our bedroom! Love that it uses untreated wood and no toxic chemicals, which is super important for me as a mom.

    • 2 months ago (Edit)

    high quality piece of furniture that let all of us sleep better!

    We have had the babybay for a few nights now and already love it! It is such a quality piece of furniture; it is really heavy, and the wood feels and looks super nice. We got it after our baby was born as we realized that it’s really helpful if the mattress is at the same height as the parents’ and our other bassinet was too low. It makes our feeds at night so much easier, and we can have our baby girl really close but still in a safe space. Highly recommend!

    • 2 months ago

    love love love it

    We just received and put together the babybay maxi crib for our little one coming next month and I am already OBSESSED with it! Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but the quality and structure of it is so well thought out. I cannot wait to put it to good use 🙂

    • 5 months ago

    The best crib ever!!!

    My wife and I are absolutely loving our Maxi co sleeper crib! We couldn’t imagine utilizing any other type of crib. It’s perfect for our room and works so easily with our bed setup. And even better, we know little man is safe and cozy. So glad we went with the Maxi!

    • 5 months ago (Edit)


    So happy that I can feel safe with baby Sleeping in this non-toxic bassinet.

    • 6 months ago (Edit)

    We ordered the Maxi and are super pleased with it! It’s absolutely beautiful with its natural wood and so functional with its ability to be a cosleeper as well as a stand alone bassinet! Love the option for the wheels so baby can be more portable around the apartment while staying comfortable in his bed.

    • 7 months ago (Edit)


    We ordered the Babybay Maxi with the knowledge it was backordered until April. The communication from Babybay about the status of my order, once it was at the warehouse about to be shipped out, and once it WAS shipped out was appreciated! It actually arrived early and was SO EASY to put together. Seriously. I’m due in two days and I put it together by myself. The bassinet is beautiful and we are SO pleased with it. Genuinely could not be happier with our purchase and can’t wait to use it in just a few short days. Thank you, thank you, Babybay!

    • 7 months ago (Edit)

    Its perfect

    We are so glad we went with baby bay! The bassinet is beautiful, high quality, and simple to put together. I could not love it more. Truly couldnt imagine putting our baby in any other co-sleeper bassinet.

    • 8 months ago (Edit)

    Unmatched quality

    Baby bay has created a PRODUCT unlike any other. Most baby things Either Are beautiful and toxic or Ugly and nontoxic. Baby bay has created the perfect Blend for both aesthetic and quality. Their customer service is amAzing too!

    • 9 months ago (Edit)

    Great prOducts!

    We just oobe our grey baby bay and The sheets! It makeS life easier wirh a little one! Thank you!

    • 11 months ago (Edit)

    So happy that we went with the babybay over other bedside sleepers. Beautiful design, easy assembly, high quality. Looks beautiful with our other furniture. In addition to the product itself, we experienced excellent customer service.

    • 12 months ago (Edit)

    Wonderful product all around!! I’m not used to seeing high quality wood like this being used for baby furniture.

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    What a gorgeous crib! I am relieved to have found a beautiful crib that is safe and practical for my granddaughter. The quality is excellent!

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    This crib is absolutely beautiful!

    A super impressive plus is that this excited 8 months pregnant momma was able to put it together with ease. No aches, no pains just uninterrupted nesting ☺️.

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    I went the extra mile and bought the Maxi so that it lasts our baby longer. It took me weeks of research to finally find this company that focused on non toxic bassinets and I was super excited to find a quality wood one.

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    I’m so excited to use our babybay! Assembly was a snap, almost literally. All of the hardware was neatly packaged in resealable bags so I wasn’t worried about misplacing any pieces. The only tool required was a screwdriver which meant I was able to assemble it on my own without any assistance at 31 weeks pregnant. I know that this style of co-sleeper will work so well for our family. I’m grateful that we will benefit from better sleep and easier nursing because of this product.

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    Absolutely love my babybay! Our little is about 1 month old now and it is so nice to have easy safe access at night! Thank you for a great product!

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    First of all, let me just rave about babybay as a company- they saw that my due date was before the item that I was after was back in stock, so they reached out to me to let me know so I could order something new instead. Therefore I ended up ordering the maxi co sleeper instead and it has been a dream. We ended up having a 9lb 22” babe, so the maxi was a way better choice for us. We also have two other kids who are 4 and 2 and still end up in the bed with us for various reasons- so having our babe outside of the bed but right next to us is amazing. I’m very aware of clean products and have tried to purchase only that way for our new babe- so the babybay has been a win-win-win all around.

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    This is a great co-sleeper! It’s so nice to have baby within arms reach, in something that also simply looks amazing. In addition, customer service was great, working with me to ensure that I got my BabyBay before my baby arrived (the original item I ordered was backordered). Overall a great purchase, and would highly recommend!

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    Babybay customer service is 5 stars. The item I wanted was out of stock. While I would rather spoken to someone on the phone, I did send an email as required. They responded quickly and helped me straighten out the order and made sure we got the bed in time.

    • 1 year ago (Edit)

    After a lot of research we decided the babybay was a perfect fit for us. We went all out and got 3 organic sheets, a mattress protector, the bassinet conversion and the wheels. I thought maybe I ordered too much, but nope!!! We use everything!!!

    • 2 years ago (Edit)

    I was skeptical about getting a bassinet over and above a crib, but it ended up being the best decision we made out of all BABY GEAR! Looking back over the last five months, IT’S meant more sleep for me and my husband, while also allowing us to always feel close and cuddly with our little one. We got the Maxi, and are so glad we did, since our baby is on the longer side and he has plenty of room, even as he’s grown.

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