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IMPORTANT: Only fits US Original, Maxi and Maxi Tall babybay bedside sleepers. Not compatible with 2015 - 2019 Models.

For beds without a boxspring. The Bedframe Anchor Kit secures the babybay to your bedframe so your baby stays close and safe. Detaches in seconds when you need to move your babybay. This kit is included with ALL Original and Maxi babybays. Not included with Maxi Tall models.

  • Includes 2 clamps
  • Replacement part for Original and Maxi babybays
  • Compatible with Maxi Tall on beds without a boxspring
  • Attaches to frames up to 3.25in wide
The babybay Maxi and Original comes with complementary Bed Frame Anchors. If your bed does not have a boxspring, or if you have a Maxi Tall and your bed is not compatible with the included Resistance Plate - you will need these to attach the babybay to your bed frame.
  • Gray Bedframe Anchor Kit
  • Untreated Bedframe Anchor Kit
  • Walnut Bedframe Anchor Kit
  • White Bedframe Anchor Kit

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