How To Safely Use a Co Sleep Crib with a Tall Bed

Comfortably and safely co sleep, even if your bed is tall!
August 23, 2022

A co sleep crib (also called a bedside co sleeper, among other names) works by sitting flush against your bed, offering you the chance to sleep side-by-side with your baby—and reap all the co sleeping benefits!—without tossing and turning over baby’s safety throughout the night. 

But some parents come across one big, stop in their tracks roadblock when they start preparing to co sleep: their bed is just too tall to co sleep safely with a bedside crib. 

The good news is that there are co sleeping crib for high bed options that can offer your baby the support they need while still sitting safely flush against your own mattress. 

But if you’re using—or preparing to use!—a co sleeper bed crib as a parent with a tall bed, here’s what you should know. 

Not Every Co Sleeping Crib Bed Is the Same 

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For parents just starting off on their safe co sleeping journey, the first questions on their mind are often: What is co-sleeping? and How do I practice it safely

(Hint: it’s easier than you think to safely cosleep!). 

However, the third question is often: Will safe co-sleeping tools like a co sleeper crib baby bed properly fit my bed? 

This is a fair question to ask, since the safety of your co-sleeper bed crib depends on its ability to sit tightly against your mattress and leave no gaps that could pose a risk for your baby.

With a standard co sleeper bedside crib like the babybay Original designed to safely suit bed heights that measure 10”-25” high (measured from the floor to the top of the parent’s mattress), it can be challenging to know what to do if your bed measures beyond—or well beyond!—this height. 

Luckily, manufacturers like babybay have started developing co sleeping crib bed options that fit beds up to 31” high (6” taller than standard bedside cribs like the babybay Original), offering you more flexibility when it comes to co sleeping with a crib specially designed for your needs. babybay Maxi Tall on bed | babybay cosleepers

So How Do I Choose the Right Co Sleeping Crib Attached to Bed When My Bed Is Tall?

When seeking out a co sleeping crib attached to bed when your furniture veers towards higher heights, the key is to find a manufacturer that is upfront about the sizes of beds their co sleeping cribs suit.

You shouldn’t have to buy a co sleeper crib baby bed, get it delivered in the mail, and immediately wonder Have I made a mistake? 

Making sure that you seek out a company that not only emphasizes how important bed heights can be when determining what co-sleeper bed crib to buy, but also is also transparent about whether or not their products will fit your own furniture is key. 

My Co Sleeper or Co-Sleeping Crib Bassinet Just Won’t Fit My Tall Bed! Now What? 

It’s rare that parents or parents-to-be have a bed that extends well over the height requirements set by bedside crib or co-sleeping crib bassinet manufacturers, but it happens. 

If you need to use a mini staircase to step up into your mattress, you might find yourself in a tough spot when it comes to finding a co sleeping crib attached to bed that suits you and your decor while helping your baby sleep safely. 

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It might be hard to hear, but rather than trying to adapt your bedside crib to fit your bed, it’s a better idea to adjust your own sleeping setup in small ways to ensure that your co-sleeping crib next to bed remains safe (and your baby remains safe in it!).

Some parents choose to move their bed off its bed frame for the months when your baby is using a co-sleeping crib next to bed, or switch out their current bed frame with a platform that suits their co sleeping crib bed a bit better. 

But switching out your furniture should be a last resort. 

And with babybay offering a co sleeping crib for high bed that’s perfectly and lovingly designed to whisk away your concerns and suit families like yours, the chances are high that you’ll find a co sleeper crib for high bed that encourages sweet baby sleep. But if you’re looking around for your co sleep crib and still aren’t sure where to start–babybay Original? Maxi? Maxi Tall?–you can contact our team at babybay to discuss your options and see if our co sleeper crib for high bed that is right for you.

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August 23, 2022