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IMPORTANT: Only fits US 2015 - 2019 Model US babybays. Not compatible with Original, Maxi or Maxi Tall models.

This is the full replacement kit for the 2019 Model babybay. Whether you received a hand-me-down, or just misplaced a screw, we've got what you need to safely assemble your babybay products.

Please choose a finish to match your babybay

  • Pure White
  • Untreated
  • Walnut

Price: Price: $65.00
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    Item #: 3351

    About the babybay Full Replacement Kit

    Items included in the kit are:

    Part #1117 x 4, 1116 x 4, 1122 x 4, 1211 x 6, 1200 x 1 and e x 1.

    Also included, but not listed in the image above are the beechwood clamps that secure the platform and the new manual for the US version (EU Boxspring equivalent.)

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