Sleep with Pregnancy Pillow: Best Positions to Get Good Rest

Pregnancy pillows can support your neck and back while making it easier to get more restful nights of sleep. But which sleep pillow shape is right for you?
July 27, 2023

For pregnant women trying to finally get a good night’s sleep, sleeping with a pregnancy pillow can be a way of relieving pressure on your growing belly, making yourself more comfortable, and finally catching those hours of much-needed shuteye. 

Whether back pain, restless leg syndrome, cramps, heartburn, or other common pregnancy concerns are keeping you from dreamland, properly positioning a pregnancy pillow can help keep the pregnancy insomnia away. 

But not every sleep pillow position will offer the same level of comfort–or the same number of hours spent in restful slumber.

There are a few common shapes of pregnancy pillows, all of which will provide relief in different ways. Mother who suffered from pregnancy insomnia holding newborn's hand | babybay cosleeper cribs

The most popular pregnancy pillow shapes are: 

  • U shaped pregnancy pillows
  • C shaped pregnancy pillows
  • J shaped pillows for pregnancy 
  • Wedge shaped pillows for pregnancy 
  • Body pillow shapes

Let’s break down the “pros” of each of these pillow options (and the pregnancy sleep positions they’ll help you achieve) so that you can choose which of them will best support your comfort. 

U Shaped Pillows: How They Can Help You Get Pregnancy Sleep 

U shaped pillows are often one of the more expensive options you can find, but for good reason. 

These pillows will support your back and belly at the same time, nurturing you in the kind of super-comfortable position that provides back relief. They also take some much-needed pressure off your belly, head, ankles, and neck. 

This is a good pregnancy sleeping position for anyone who was a fan of sleeping on their back before they were pregnant, since these pillows provide a similar experience while still keeping you securely on your side. 

To sleep with a U shaped pillow: Flip that “U” upside down and rest with your head on the bottom. Let your legs stay in the opening while the side of the “U” supports your belly. 

C Shaped Pillows: Making It Easier to Get Sleep While Pregnant 

If you’re someone who loved to roll back and forth during sleep before becoming pregnant, this pillow might not be a good one for you. Pregnant woman feeling rested after sleeping with a pregnancy pillow | babybay cosleeper cribs

Since it’s one-sided, you’ll need to reposition it if you roll around while trying to get sleep while pregnant. 

But for women with a particularly heavy belly, it can offer a place for your head to rest while also giving necessary support to your legs. 

To sleep with a C shaped pillow: Lay your head on one end of the “C” with your back against the curve. Your belly will rest in the middle, with both sides of the pillow taking pressure off this part of your body. 

J Shaped Pillows: A Super-Supportive Pillow for Pregnancy 

Sometimes called a candy cane shaped pillow, this option allows you to sleep in the same supportive position that you’ll get from the “U” shaped pillow without worrying about all the extra cushioning that comes from that “U” option. 

A candy cane shaped pillow is perfect for pregnant women who want to get all the relief of the “U” shaped pillow while still being able to cuddle with loved ones or have a little extra room in the bed. 

Though it’s not ideal for sitting up, it does offer increased versatility when you’re lying down.

Woman sitting up after using a pillow for pregnancy to get sleep | babybay cosleeper cribs

To sleep with a J shaped pillow: You have lots of pregnancy sleeping position choices when it comes to this “J” shape! You can lay with the curved side against your back (and your belly in the middle of the open space) or put the curve between your belly for a different angle of support. 

Wedge Shaped Pillows: A Small and Portable Option for Pregnancy Sleeping Position 

Wedge shaped pillows are one of the most common ways to offer yourself a little extra support through the night. Probably because they’re so easy to use! 

Unlike some other options on this list, you can use this pillow in whatever way works best for you. That means you can try out different orientations and see what’s most comfortable with your own body and preferred ways of sleeping in mind. 

To sleep with a wedge shaped pillow: You can lie on your side and prop it under your belly as you sleep, or use it as a helpful way to relieve heartburn by sitting up to rest. 

Body Pillow Shapes: A Common Way of Sleeping While Pregnant Baby enjoying sleep after their mom slept with a baby pillow | babybay coslepeer cribs

Body pillows aren’t just for pregnant women. These extra-long pillows allow you to find support in whatever way is most comfortable for you, which makes them a favorite for many people looking for a little comfort during the night.

(Pro tip! Save the pillow for after your baby comes. They’re also perfect for postpartum recovery.)

To sleep with a body pillow: Try out different positions and see what works best for you. You can hug your body around it during the night or use it for an extra boost of support wherever you need it. 

Tools like bedside co sleepers can make it easier for you to get good nights of sleep once your baby comes. 

But until then, these options for getting sleep with pregnancy pillow will give better support for you and your belly—so that you can wake up every day well-rested and ready to welcome your little one soon.

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July 27, 2023