What Makes a Co Sleeper Safe (And What Should I Look For When Buying?)

There are plenty of co sleeper and bedside bassinet options out there, but what makes one safer than the other?
August 24, 2023

When it comes to making a co sleeper safe, not every option on the market puts an equal emphasis on meeting—and then exceeding!—crib safety standards. 

That’s why choosing a bedside co sleeper isn’t as simple as looking online, seeking out your favorite colors, and choosing something that will perfectly match your bedroom decor. 

We’re about to break down everything you need to know about sleeping with a bedside co sleeper—including the need-to-know secrets behind why they’re a sleep option that so many parents love!—and show you how to choose the one that’s safest for your little one. 

What is Safe Co Sleeping & What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Co Sleeper? 

Co sleeping has long been the most favored sleep practice in the world

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And for good reason! Unlike other, riskier sleep practices like bed sharing (which references the act of inviting your baby into your bed for the night), safe co sleeping gives your little one a comfy, made-just-for-them bed of their own that happens to be right by your side. 

Bed sharing is often associated with risks that don’t come from safe co sleeping. That’s because the super-soft mattresses and bedding sets that most parents prefer aren’t designed to support your baby in the way they need. 

And while sleeping with these super-soft comfort items can put your baby at risk of rolling over or being covered during the night, safe co sleeping options will make sure your baby has a secure and nurturing place to rest while giving you the comfort of being close to them all night long. 

Why Not All Bedside Co Sleepers Are Created Equal

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When it comes to buying a bedside co sleeper, there are two important things to consider: design and manufacturing care

When it comes to design, you want to look for one that fits securely by your bedside without any gaps between your mattress and your baby’s sleep space (because gaps = spaces where your baby can easily become trapped).

You’ll also want to find one that is thoughtfully designed to provide your baby comfort in more ways than one. The babybay co sleeper, for instance, is engineered in the nurturing shape of a hug. 

This shape helps your little one catch Zs in comfort while still being supported by the necessary safety that comes from having a co sleeper that fits tightly against the bed. 

But design isn’t the only thing that matters. Just because you’ve chosen a thoughtfully engineered design doesn’t mean that all aspects of your chosen co sleeper have been built with care. 

That’s why the manufacturing of your chosen co sleeper is just as important as the design that defines it. 

Baby Safety Standards and How to Ensure True Safety While Co Sleeping 

Not every crib manufacturer is as concerned about your baby’s safety as you are. 

Many baby cribs are made with the kind of toxic glues, chemicals, and other harmful materials that can be unsafe for your little one

In fact, a team of researchers discovered that the foam padding you find in many baby mattresses release significant amounts of VOCs (or volatile organic compounds) that are potentially harmful to your baby. 

Most shocking of all, these researchers found that new crib mattresses release almost 4 times the amount of VOCs released by old crib mattresses, and that your baby’s body heat can even up the emissions released. 

These emissions also happen to be strongest in the area of the crib mattress where your baby breathes, making it near-impossible for them to fully avoid exposure. 


Of the 30 VOCs these researchers identified in the crib mattresses they tested—including formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and acetone—many can also be found in other parts of your baby’s crib as well

From cheap plywoods to coated toxic glues, not all crib manufacturers are committed to totally avoiding VOCs—and ensuring your baby has safe co sleeping nights with no concerns on the mind!

So Then What’s the Best Bedside Co Sleeper? 

Babybay co sleepers have been long-loved by parents looking to give their little ones safe nights of sleep with all of the co sleeping benefits and none of the risks. 

They pride themselves on being a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and all-natural way for your little one to get rest, with a thoughtfully engineered frame that is made from 100% ethically sourced beechwood. 

Whether you’re just beginning your co sleeping journey or have enjoyed this practice of sleeping with a child before, baby’s bedside co sleepers offer you and your little one sound nights of sleep, with a co sleeper safe option that gives full peace of mind.

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August 24, 2023