Infant Sleeping Guidelines

It brings a sigh of relief to Mom and Dad when this peaceful moment occurs. Naturally, all parents want to have their infant fall into a deep sound sleep, because a baby that gets the required sleep is less likely to be a pool of crying eyes afterwards.

Creating the right sleep environment for infants and using recommended sleep guidelines from health professionals can make all the difference to both the parents and the infant’s well being. When parents follow proper sleep guidelines for infants, it can lessen the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

To help young parents, we’ve collected these helpful tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics to check to see if you’re helping your infant’s sleeping practices. We hope so!

Sleeping guidelines for infants

  • Babies under 12 months old should be carefully placed on their back to sleep for naps. The AAP notes that your baby can be left in a side or front position, if your baby is already able to roll from the back-lying position to the side or stomach.
  • The AAP strongly discourages bed-sharing habits for infants under a year old with parents. But we definitely recommend letting your baby sleep in the same room, and alongside your bed in a baby bed.
  • Try not to let your babies sleep with any kind of soft pillows, plush toy animals, comforters, blankets or extra bedding parts until at least a year and a half old. Just a baby in a onesie often works best.
  • Keep the baby’s crib or bassinet within reaching distance of the parent bed. This helps to comfort the baby or breastfeed without having to stand up and walk over to a crib.

These are just a few of the highlighted guidelines recommended by the AAP for the safety of your child. It’s important that your baby sleeps on the back for a more restful sleep. And that’s why we think that our babybay is the right baby bed sleeper to have the whole family sleep better!

From Bedside Sleeper to Bassinet

But now you – Mom – are ready to find a new use for your sleeper. You’d love to use your sleeper and turn it into a freestanding baby bassinet. This may become an enclosed space for your darling little one to simply hang out near you, or nap nearby, during the day or evening.

Well, you can have this, if you already have a bedside sleeper. This wooden guard rail pictured below is all you need to keep your lil’ guy or gal purring happily near you. We call it the Bassinet Conversion Kit, and you can order it separately as an accessory to your babybay bedside sleeper.

babybay bassinet conversion kit

When you’re ready to make this move, it’s simple to convert your babybay bedside sleeper into a bassinet. Simply order our bassinet conversion kit to convert your babybay from a bedside sleeper to a standalone bassinet.

The protective wooden guard rail fits onto the open side of your bedside sleeper. It uses wooden locking clips, so it’s able to withstand any holding and pulling by your baby.

The picture below on the left shows the bedside sleeper with the wooden guard rail being attached. And the image on the right shows you the enclosed space your baby will be in. It’s a win-win for both the baby and the parents.

Using the guard rail to enclose the sleeper and turn it into a convertible bassinet for your baby can help gently move your baby away from the parental bed and further toward naptime sleeping independence after a few months. When that particular independent sleep time period happens is up to the parents to decide, of course. But when the time is right, having the guard rail to convert your sleeper into a bassinet will give you the assurance you need to know your baby always sleeps safely.

It’s easy to add the babybay bassinet conversion kit wooden guard rail to your existing babybay bedside sleeper. Simply add it to your cart on our shopping page, order it, and we’ll ship it to you quickly. Order a bassinet conversion guard rail today, and have relief on seeing your baby sleeping peacefully during the day or night.

How to Get Your Best Sleep After C-Section

There is a lot to go through with a newborn and recovering from major abdominal surgery on top of that takes some extra care.

Your doctor should have provided you with very specific care information about your healing process, but there isn’t really a handbook on how to make it all work with getting enough rest and taking care of your baby while you take care of yourself. Keep in mind this is just a small part of your journey with your new baby, and the better you take care of yourself the faster your recovery can happen.

Plan on Getting Enough Rest

It’s so easy to stare at those precious little details and count the fingers and toes all day, but as you have probably heard over and over again at this point: Rest when your baby rests. This is so important for sleep-deprived new moms in general, but as your body recovers from the C-section you need even more rest than usual. If you have a partner at home to help you try and plan a little additional time to stretch the breaks you get by getting help with diaper changes or meal preparation so you can rest. Making a conscious effort to take care of yourself and prioritize your recovery along with the care and bonding with your newborn will help to ease the exhaustion and help to keep you in a healthier mindset.

If you are alone with your baby or struggling to find time to rest. Ask friends, family for assistance, or consider hiring a postpartum doula to spend time with you and your baby in the early stages. If you begin to feel depressed, negative emotional changes, or feel in a constant state of fatigue beyond the first couple of weeks you may be experiencing postpartum depression. Reach out to your health care professionals for help and an assessment of your situation.

Find a Comfortable Position

There is not one single answer for what this position might be. It may take some trial and error (and some pillows) to find the position where you can relax without pain. Take your time and try out different arrangements to see what works. Make sure you carefully move between positions and ensure you’re not straining or overexerting yourself getting into or out of your bed or a recliner. Your main goal is to rest comfortably and reduce any stress on the incision site.

Keeping your sleeping baby nearby in a bassinet can help ease your worries early on and allow them to sleep safely at an arms reach. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the safest place for an infant to sleep is on a separate sleep surface designed for infants close to the parents’ bed. Read more about safe sleeping spaces on the Safe to Sleep website.

On Your Back

According to Specialty Surgery Center, the best sleeping position after C-section and most surgeries is on your back. Many times sleeping on your back may be the best option to relieve any pressure on your incision. Try placing a pillow under your knees or sometimes a smaller pillow for your neck to find a balance that works for you. If you’re sleeping on your back, it is very important not to sit up directly from this position. First rolling to your side and using your arms to help you sit up will protect your recovering abdominal muscles. University of Washington Medical Center recommends the “logroll” method to get yourself out of bed.

  • Before you move your feet off the bed, roll onto your side, with your knees bent
  • Move your feet off the bed. Use your arms to push your body up to a sitting position. Try to keep your abdomen relaxed.
  • Sit on the side of the bed before you stand up.

In a Recliner

Similar to on your back in bed, resting in a recliner can be an option to try out. If you’re breastfeeding you may already be spending a lot of time in the recliner. Depending on the style of your chair you may have a footrest attached or a separate ottoman. Try out different adjustments or supplementing the cushions with small pillows or a rolled-up blanket to get things just right. Not quite the same quality as sleeping in your bed, but for an afternoon nap or just a few minutes of closed eyes to recharge this can be a great option.

On Your Side

Sleeping on your left side aids in optimum blood flow which is great for your recovering body. You may still need that full-body pregnancy pillow around to support your belly and hips. This position also makes it easier to get into and out of bed and may just be a transition for you as you get into and out of bed. Many new moms find the side-lying position is the most comfortable breastfeeding position for new moms who are recovering from a C-section. If you do decide to breastfeed with your baby in this position, make sure to keep your baby safe and move them out of your bed before you fall asleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) doesn’t recommend bed-sharing with your newborn. A bedside bassinet can create a safe and separate space for your baby.

Elevated Upper Body

If you have a wedge pillow this can be very helpful since it will elevate the entire upper body. If not, you can still get the same benefits with a carefully arranged pile of pillows. This also goes well with the pillows under your knees for a fully supported position. Reference back to the “logroll” method mentioned above to get into and out of this position. If you’ve been told you could be at risk for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), this may have been recommended by your Dr. Moms who have had C-Sections may be at a higher risk for this condition, but a study published in the journal CHEST, found sleeping at a 45-degree angle helps to breathe easier and didn’t seem to interfere with sleep quality or duration.

Block out Distractions

As you rest at the same time as your baby, you may find the time goes very quickly for a nap. Just as you start to doze off that’s when you hear the baby waking up… Getting into a restful mindset and asleep as quickly as possible can be a struggle and the stress of limited time can sometimes make it even more difficult to get to sleep! Consider keeping an eye mask nearby to block out some light as you rest during the day. It’s tempting to unwind with time on your phone or other electronics once the baby is sleeping, but these will not allow you to sleep and get the rest you need. Planning some unplugged rest time will help to disconnect and mentally recharge. Turn off your notifications if possible or set your device away from you so you’re not tempted to pick it up during your dedicated rest time.

On the other hand, your phone or a tablet might still come in handy. Many apps have nature sounds and white noise options to help block out distractions. The sound of the ocean or a forest could be helpful to ease you into sleep. One study suggests a white noise machine can reduce sleep onset for patients, or the time it takes to fall asleep, by nearly 40% compared to patients who don’t use these devices. There are also many YouTube channels, podcasts, and music channels dedicated to guided sleep and relaxation which can help guide you into a comfortable and restful mental space. Turn on some relaxation sounds, white noise, or soft music, lay back, and relax.

Take Care of Yourself

These first 6 weeks are a very important time for your newborn, but also for yourself as you recover from your C-section. Making your own health and recovery a priority is a very important part of taking care of your family. Your body has gone through some amazing changes in the last 9 months, and there are more changes ahead as your hormones and body recover from giving birth. You may experience a roller coaster of emotions during this time which is absolutely normal, but if you feel yourself becoming more anxious, worried, or depressed after the first couple of weeks, contact your health care professionals to talk about how you’re feeling.

Enjoy this new and exciting time with your newborn and your growing family!

A new baby is like the beginning of all things — wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. -Eda Leshan

Written by contributing writer Amber Mauriello

3 Reasons babybay is Perfect for a Minimal Nursery

If you’re here because you’re overwhelmed with all the choices and endless baby products and aisles and aisles of items you’re in the right place! Let’s break it down and get simple with the essentials and why babybay® should be at the top of your list…

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Easily style your babybay® as a bedside sleeper to create a beautiful and relaxing space for you and your baby to safely share.

You don’t need to purchase ALL THE THINGS. At the same time, your budget-friendly or minimal nursery doesn’t need to be an empty room with a crib. It might even just be the corner of your own bedroom early on, and that’s ok! You will want to have the most essential items for you and your little one to find a peaceful and relaxing space together. Here are 3 reasons why a babybay® is the perfect piece to build your nursery around.

bedside sleeper, babybay, cosleep, bassinet, neutral nursery, minimal nursery,

1. Skip the Traditional Crib

Traditional cribs are so BIG and bulky… and expensive! These days many parents now choose to keep their babies near them in their bedroom during the first few months. This is especially true for breastfeeding moms who may need to have easy and quick access to the baby during the night for nursing. Purchasing a separate crib on top of a bedside bassinet is already an added expense, but also means it may be sitting in the nursery collecting dust for months before it gets any use.

You’ll want to soak up as many snuggles as you can with your baby. Keeping them close by your bed allows for as much bonding time as possible with your little one.

If you’re considering a bedside sleeper crib like babybay®, then you most likely are planning on some time with your little one near your own bedside and then transitioning to their own room later on. Keeping things minimal in your nursery can leave you more room for a comfortable rocker and more space for your child to play later on. This is especially true if you’re limited on square footage or your children will share a room.

A babybay® is the perfect size to fit next to almost any bedside with your newborn, and easily transitions to keep your little one safe in their own room as they grow.

bedside sleeper, babybay, cosleep, bassinet, neutral nursery, minimal nursery,

2. Multi-Purpose For The Win

When selecting nursery items and looking for budget-friendly options, always look for quality items that can have multiple uses. For example, you need a place to change your baby, but not necessarily a changing table. Add a changing pad to the top of a dresser, create a portable basket with diaper supplies and a roll-up mat for a quick change on any surface. Try to avoid items that will only be useful for a short time and look for items that can fill multiple needs.

One of the many great features of a babybay is the flexibility to adjust and grow with your child. From a bedside sleeper, to stand-alone bassinet, to a bench, a play space, a desk, or many other options. The sturdy beechwood construction and conversion kits for different stages will ensure your piece lasts for years as your child grows up or adapts through the transitions as younger siblings join your family later on.

bedside sleeper, babybay, cosleep, bassinet, neutral nursery, minimal nursery,

3. All the Sleeping Essentials in One Place

With so many choices out there it’s really easy to get to a point of decision fatigue. It’s exhausting to search through what to pick, from where, and a million different options from endless stores. We’ve made it really simple for you with our 3 babybay® models to choose from, mattresses, and even organic cotton Jersey sheets in a variety of colors.

Choose the model and accessories to fit your space and your nursery style. Conveniently delivered and easy to assemble in just a few minutes, we guarantee a stress free and great experience with your babybay.

More babybay® Nursery Inspiration

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Written by contributing writer Amber Mauriello